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What is "SG-MARK" ?

The SG in “SG Mark” is an abbreviation of “Safety Goods,” a qualification enacted by the Consumer Product Safety Association (CPSA), which was established in 1973 in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Law.

The standards that must be met in order to display the SG Mark on products are created by a committee consisting of consumer representatives, manufacturing and import-related representatives, people experienced in the field of academics, test implementation organizations, and governmental organizations, etc., and the official standards created for the SG Mark are used to regulate safe levels of quality, labels and instruction manuals.

The regulations for safe levels of quality cover all major elements of a product, including outer appearance, configuration, strength, safety and the safety of the materials used in the manufacturing process. The regulations for instruction manuals ensure that the terminology can be easily understood by consumers, that it is printed in large, easy-to-read characters, and that it includes information on safety precautions during usage to prevent accidents.

The inspection procedures are carried out by an inspection institute that has been appointed by the Consumer Product Safety Association under the prerequisite that it has superior inspection capabilities, and in addition to the institute implementing strict inspections, it also uses its abundant experience with regard to product safety standards and quality control to provide knowledgeable advice. Owing to this, the results of official inspections into the SG Mark are considered to be extremely reliable.


What is "SG CH IH Mark" ?

The SG CH IH Mark is one of the SG Marks established by the Consumer Product Safety Association as the standard for cooking appliances used with cooking heaters. The CH refers to all cooking heaters and the IH refers to induction heaters, and they apply to all heat sources, including gas heaters, sheath heaters and enclosed heaters. In addition, the SG CH IH mark can only be displayed on products that conform to a wide range of strict standards to ensure that they can be used safely and without worry, such as tests to determine the strength of the handles, etc.

In the event of products that display the SG Mark being defective and causing accidents that result in injuries, they come with third-party compensatory insurance that pays a maximum of approximately 615,000 Euros (100 million Japanese yen). This is the main feature of the SG Mark, and it ensures that consumers are not only provided with safe products, it also pays them compensation in the event of an injury accident.

All Yoshikawa pots, pans and kettles are official SG Mark products and can therefore be used both safely and without anxiety.

Genres of Cooking Heater



Pot Materials for Application



Inductive heater (IH) heats the pot via magnetic beam, while the board itself does not generate heat. Its heating principles are, while placing the pot on the magnetic board, electric current which circulates to the magnetic coil under the top cover is generated, followed by the generation of magnetic line. While it radiates through the main body of the pot, electric current (eddy current) is generated, and produces heat by the electric resistance of the pot itself. As IH is capable of detecting minor objects, pots with a bottom (effective surface) diameter of less than 120 mm can be denied.


Stainless steel, 5-layer core steel, magnetic composite material, iron fabricated material

Sheath Heater


Heater strip made of nickel and chromium is coated with magnesia and high nickel alloy. Also, to expand the area at the bottom of the pot for a broader surface contact, it is ideal to design the upper area (originally designed to be flat) of the heater into a vortex shape, like the shape of a mosquito incense.


The heater can apply to almost all kinds of pots (some terrine, glass pot and pots made of non-heat-resistant enamel material can not be used)

Halogen Heater


A strong halogen lamp is placed under the ceramic plate, thus heating is produced by thermal infrared light. The color of the lamp changes as the intensity of the heat changes, so it is measurable by human eyes to adjust the intensity.


No special requirement for material

Sealed Hot plates


Most cooking heaters in Europe fall into this category, as heating element and insulator are incorporated into cast iron, the afterheat effect is better than other types of cooking heaters. And they are disk-shaped, like a phonograph.


No special requirement for material

Radiant Heater


This type of cooking heater is designed to produce heat through heater strip made of nickel and chromium. While pressing the button, the heating element turns into red and generates heat. The color of red is brighter when the heat gets stronger. As the brightness of the red light is subject to the intensity of the heat, it is manually adjustable by eye measure.


The heater can apply to almost all kinds of pots (some terrine, glass pot and pots made of non-heat-resistant enamel material can not be used)

Gas Burning Heater


This is one of the most popular heating sources in Japanese houses. Flames that directly contact the main body of the pot are generated to provide heat. Currently, gas burning heaters such as high intensity heaters oriented for high energy efficiency are developed.


No special requirement for material
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