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YOSHIKAWA Corporation Company Profile
English / German

Innovate living, for a better lifestyle.
At Yoshikawa's Lifestyle Division, we envision people's lives enriched by "food".

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EAトCO(EAtoCO)ProductCatalog Download  
English / German

Enjoy for both cooking and eating. The concept connects "EATing to COoking" Geniesen Sie beides, Kochen und Essen.
Das Konzept verbindet Essen und Kochen (EATing and COoking auf Englisch)

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English / German

Aikata have created utensils to enrich daily living.
Our products harness the local ingenuity of the town of Tsubame-Sanj?, in Niigata, Japan. Aikata hat Utensilien geschaffen, um das tagliche Leben zu erleichtern.
Unsere Produkte nutzen den lokalen Einfallsreichtum der Stadt Tsubame-Sanjo? in Niigata, Japan.

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From craftsmanship of Tsubame To enjoy a comfortable life with High-grade quality tools.

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Yukihira Pan
English / German

The essential item for Japanese cooking : the Yukihira Pan Ein absolutes Muss fur die Zubereitung japanischer Gerichte.

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"Gogi" Tempura Pot

In Tsubame,Niigata Pref.
Craftsmen support the local metal industry.

The native language "Gogi" was inspired by the long tradition of craftsmanship accumulated over the years.We will continue to deliver products that use old techniques and the unique skill of our specialists in each field.

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COOK-PAL TAI Titanium Wok
Japanese / English

The most notable feature is how light the pan is compared to iron. It is easier for women to use,which lightens the load of daily meal preparation.

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COOK-PAL REN ProductCatalog Download  
English / German

We have successfully developed supreme rust-resistant and anti-caking steel woks and
frying pans. Wir haben Kuchenutensilien entwickelt, die extrem widerstandsfahig gegen Korrosion und Anbacken sind.

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COOK-PAL Tools ProductCatalog Download  
English / German

Lineup of necessary items with carefully hand-picked items.
With minimum sizes for functional use. Aufstellung von notwendigen Dingen mit sorgfaltig ausgewahlten Objekten. Mit Mindestgrosen fur funktionale Verwendung.

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Kettle-Collection ProductCatalog Download  
Eazy steam plate for a FRYING PAN

Put it on a frying pan and it becomes a steamer!
Steamed dishes are easy to cook!

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Kettle Collection
English / German

Die Kessel-Kollektion von Yoshikawa steigert Ihre Lebensqualitat. The Yoshikawa Kettle Collection - to Add a Little More Fun to Your Life.

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Kettle-Collection ProductCatalog Download  
English / French

Oyakodon, one of Japanese traditional dish. The gentle taste of fluffy eggs simmered in Japanese broth soup is the key of its popularity. A stainless steel oyako pan, durable and easy to maintain. Let's make delicious Oyakodon at home.

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